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Save time to take care of your HR strategic and people management. The operational processes Employer does for you!

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More than 70% of our customers indicate improving processes, agility and flexibility as the main benefits.

We have a dedicated service team for your company. The operational process is designed according to your needs and executed by specialists.

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Compare internal operations with HR outsourcing

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More strategic HR ​

  • Operational risk transparency
  • Eliminates manual processes                
  • Strategic information online

More flexible process ​

  • Ready for any volume
  • Team of experts
  • Organized processes
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Digital HR

  • Always up-to-date technology
  • Support for Labor Legislation
  • Operation Control

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BPO is the Business Process Outsourcing. These processes are not the core of your company’s business, but are fundamental to its functioning. In other words, you hire a specialized company in the activity you want to outsource certain processes and can focus your efforts on high-impact strategies

For the BPO to bring real benefits, it is necessary to be aware of some crucial points when hiring:

  • Check the company experience, see previous cases and clients already served;
  • Ask for customer references to contact;
  • Make sure that the team that will assist you is specialized in the area that you are hiring;
  • Legal support is essential, as the company contracted must be up to date with the legislation of the operational area.
  • Check if the company masters your needs to ensure agility, security, process automation and the support that your company needs.

It is very important that you feel confident with the team that will assist you and provide service, and also that you have in mind what process flexibilities are necessary to atend your business reality.

More than 34 years of experience in HR and high volume sheet processing.

– Payroll systems electronic timecard

– Systems developed by those who understand and have experience with HR.

– Save money with material, financial and human resources.

– Commitment to quality results.

– Greater agility in decisions.

– More time and productivity for your company.

– Decreased effort to dominate all administrative areas.


The payroll BPO consists in hiring a team from an outsourced company to take care of part or of all the preparation of your payroll. Specialized and trained professionals perform this function in less time, with more precision and the result has a higher quality.

It is the outsourcing of the Human Resources department of a company, with the purpose of concentrating the time of the HR team on more strategic tasks that will help in the growth of the business. This process is an investment in agility, technology and is a way to reduce costs in the sector.


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